As of January 1, 2016, our leasing portfolio stood at 6.7 billion rubles.

Over the past year alone, the company signed 234 lease agreements worth 4.5 billion rubles. The total value of leased assets was 4.6 billion rubles. Most of the agreements were on construction and road-building machinery, trucks, lorries and forestry equipment.

Volume of new business (Lease contract amount funded per year) (billions)

Over the years, the portfolio of contracts signed by the company is dominated by dynamically developing sectors, such as construction and production of natural resources. Besides, Universal Leasing Company is permanently present in agriculture, forestry industry, transport services, trade and catering.

Investment Priorities (Contract amount with VAT, million rubles)
Investments in sectors (Lease contract amount, million rubles)

Current earnings (lease payments) are the company’s main source of own capital: annual lease payments in 2015 reached over 5.1 billion rubles. 

Lease payments received (billions rubles)