Universal Leasing Company is one of the largest regional leasing companies and a major player in the Far Eastern leasing market. We are in the list of the TOP 30 leasing companies in the country’s leasing market. The company was registered on March 29, 2001

Our main goal is to achieve total customer satisfaction through provision of an effective mechanism for fixed asset renewal. The company’s policy priorities include provision of high quality services and unconditional protection of the interests of customers, shareholders, investors and business partners.

 The company is one of the most active members of such non-profit organizations as:

  • Joint Leasing Association;
  • Regional union of Employers – "Union of Employers of Khabarovsk Krai".

Effective cooperation with leading banks and insurance companies enables us to offer the most favorable asset leasing conditions. We quickly examine and consider deals involving the most non-standard conditions.

Applying an individual approach to every potential lessee and taking into account his business peculiarities help us to choose the most optimal lease conditions. That is why we are sincerely interested in building a mutually beneficial and constructive relationship with you.